About Us

About Holscher Products, Inc.

Holscher Products, Inc. is a wholesale manufacturing company located in Fowler, Indiana. The company was founded in 1980 by Joe and Marilyn Holscher. The first products fabricated were shepherd crook poles and wire tomato cages which were sold to garden centers. As the demand for products increased, the size of the company and the variety of products expanded.

In 1982, Joe met Jim Carpenter, founder of the Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise. They jointly collaborated on many bird feeder products and both companies continued to grow.

Currently Holscher Products, Inc. sells a complete line of products exclusively to all Wild Birds Unlimited stores nationwide.

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Our Products

Holscher Products, Inc. manufactures wrought iron products. Our product line includes bird feeder poles and accessories, deck hardware, bird baths, and garden items.

We offer a wide variety of items and component parts which allow customers to select combinations that best suit their needs. All of our products are very durable and feature a powder coat finish.

We continually strive for excellent customer service and complete satisfaction with our high quality innovative products.